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Health Coach, Nutritionist, Triathlete + Runner.
We all know by now that our speciality at Ancient and Wild Organics  is holistic skin and gut health, but we like to cover all areas of health so you can achieve all your wildest health and beauty dreams, and the word on the street is that bubble butts are on a few wish lists this year, so today we are calling in the experts so you can discover the latest hot tips from Instagram 'dream butt' expert, Luana Marchi.
Take it away Luana...
The journey to achieve the dream butt goes beyond the perfect exercise routine, it is really important to first ask yourself, what changes can be made to help you improve your eating habits.
If your fitness goals are to build muscle and lift your glutes, check out my TOP 10 TIPS and find out how to eat your way to a perfect booty.

To feed muscles you must eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, such as sweet potato, quinoa, legumes and other vegetables. Eating complex carbs will increase your protein uptake, speed up recovery and replenish your glycogen stores, which is a vital energy source for muscles. 

Inflammation leads to unwanted cellulite and flaccidity. Avoid this by cutting down the consumption of packaged and refined foods, and other pro-inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and sugar.

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and are found in high amounts in bee pollen and marine collagen. I use Life Elixir Wellness Certified Organic WA Raw Bee Pollen, which also acts as an all-in-one multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, gut enzyme stimulation, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. It is also the only plant source of Vitamin B12, Other healthy protein sources are legumes, green leaves, seeds, yoghurt, eggs, plant based milk, fish, chicken, meat, marine collagen peptides, plant based protein powder, nut butter, avocado, and spirulina.

Eat a diet rich in leafy green vegetables and whole foods that are a rich source of the phytonutrients that your body needs to produce collagen. These phytonutrients includes: Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your skin, inside and out; Vitamin E that when combined with vitamin C will help to promote collagen synthesis; Vitamin A; Amino acids glycine, proline, and lysine (high amounts of these amino acids are found in marine collagen); and sulfur-containing foods that promote collagen production. Sulfur containing foods are: 
  • Eggs.
  • Organ meat such as liver, heart, and kidneys.
  • Veal, beef, chicken, and pork.
  • Nuts such as peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds, and walnuts.
  • Cheddar and parmesan cheese.
  • Peaches and apricots.

Supplement with a goor quality, pure and natural Hydrolyzed Collagen. The Pro Elixir Marine Collagen Active + Glutamine is a great choice due to it's advanced small molecular size for superior absorption, which in turn enhances all the amazing therapeutic health benefits. It is the best supplement you can take to stimulate our bodies own collagen production, which essentially helps to build muscle, but also slows down the aging process... and yes, it really works!

You should aim to have your post workout meal within 20 minutes to 1 hour after finishing your session. Basing on a ratio of 4:1 = Carbohydrates:Protein (Of course this will vary depending on specific goals, body type and type of exercise) to distribute your meal. Unless you're aiming to put on weight, I would suggest making your post workout meal one of your main meals. Ensure that you're other meals are high in good fat and fresh fruit and veg.

Having enough fibre in your diet helps to control insulin spikes by slowing down the speed at which the carbohydrates hit the blood. This optimises muscle growth, fat loss & performance. Fibre is also important to help the liver excrete excess hormones to prevent and alleviate hormonal imbalances. Fantastic sources of fibre are: Psylium husks, fresh whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Smoothies are a quick, easy and delicious way to boost fibre intake.

Get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep; Sleep deprivation increases the hormone ghrelin. The more ghrelin you produce, the more you stimulate hunger while also reducing your metabolism functioning (the amount of energy you burn) increasing the amount fat you store and negatively impacting muscle growth.

Drink water/stay hydrated; Water makes up close to 75% of our body, and our organs contain an even higher percentage of water and it is our transport system and shuttles nutrients throughout our body and helps wash out toxins. It helps to break down the water-soluble vitamins, and it regulates our body temperature. Water lubricates our joints, helps with digestion, and promotes healthy skin.

Last, but not least important. Squat babe, squat.
Have a look at this killer booty workout that I've shared on my Instagram page: