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best collagen for hair growth

Collagen has been a buzz word around the beauty industry for a little while now. Perhaps you’ve heard that it can improve your skin and nails, or maybe you know that it has a bundle of muscle, digestive and hormone benefits, or perhaps you aren't entirely sure why you’re taking it. Well, among the amazing benefits it does have for your skin and nails, what most people don’t know is how this complete protein can take your locks from being drab and thin, to FAB and voluminous! And it's as simple as a sip a day. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and helps make up tendons, ligaments, and skin, organs etc. Your body naturally produces collagen, but as soon as you hit the tender age of just 25, the amount your body produces significantly decreases *sad face* by approximately1.5% each year. But fear not, supplementing your body with anti aging collagen powder is the best and simplest way to boost collagen levels back to the top and reap the benefits of healthy, strong hair.

So, let’s take a look at the top six reasons why marine collagen powder should be included in your beauty regime.

best collagen supplements for skin and hair
1. Provides Amino Acids That Can Be Used to Build Hair


Our hair is primarily made up of the protein, keratin, and to build keratin, our body requires certain amino acids. These amino acids required to build keratin can be found in our collagen powder. Therefore, consuming collagen allows your body to use these amino acids to build new proteins, including the building blocks for hair (and nails) - keratin. 

2. Antioxidants Create Healthy Hair Follicles

Antioxidants are the number one protectant for our hair follicles when it comes to protecting them from damage against many things, including free radicals. Similarly to how our body slows down collagen production, we also decrease our natural defence against free radicals, and our natural antioxidant production, as we age. Therefore, including a beauty collagen powder in your diet will directly replace the collagen that is being attacked by free radicals in our bodies. We've supercharged our GLOW marine collagen formulas with antioxidants to speed up and maximise results you can see.

3. Prevents Hair Thinning

We know that collagen can improve skin elasticity, but what this also means is that it improves the skin around your hair. This layer of skin where the hair follicles are rooted can become damaged over time, which can lead to age related hair loss and thinning. Thus, by taking collagen, you can improve this skin area which will in turn improve overall hair health, minimising hair loss.

4. Helps Slow Down Greying

Collagen will be your new best friend when you discover the reduction of grey hairs that appear on your head. The antioxidant properties in collagen help neutralize free radicals from UV rays and pollution and in turn decrease the greying of hair due to the reduced amount of oxidative stress the hair follicles are exposed to. You're welcome ladies.

5. Easy to Add to Your Routine

Adding collagen to your diet through supplementation is simple and easy to implement! Take one scoop of odourless and tasteless marine collagen daily by stirring it into your morning coffee, blending it into your smoothies, or adding it to your baked goods. So pure and potent that you can eat, drink or wear it as an anti-aging face mask.

collagen peptides for hair

Edible Earths Glow Beauty Elixir is the perfect solution for hair related concerns, as we have specifically designed our collagen powder for women seeking a solution for age related hair, skin and nail concerns.

In addition to hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, our blend is enhanced with silica rich bamboo extract, and skin nourishing niacin (vitamin B3). Say bye bye to bad hair days, and hello to hair that glows with the flow.