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Marine Collagen Australia

Edible Earth have redefined holistic health and inner beauty elixirs that you can eat, drink or wear. Eco-friendly so they're gentle on you, and the planet. They believe that when you are balanced internally from head to toe, your skin radiates a natural healthy glow.

Wild crafted and artfully curated pouches of pretty are formulated with prevention, repair and regeneration in mind. Overflowing with naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics to nourish microbiome and correct digestive, hormonal and premature aging concerns.

Edible Earth is one of the original and best marine collagen powder in Australia, the first in Australia to formulate edible Hyaluronic Acid, the secret to eternal youth. Today, they're leading the way in medicinal mushroom blends and raw, live multivitamins, enzymes and holistic anti-aging protocols.

They're pioneering formulas are your essential holistic health insurance to cover you from head to toe. They are the only Australian beauty company to provide a money back guarantee, that's how well their elixirs work.

Just ask the thousands of women around the world who swear by them every day...

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Marine collagen makes you feel beautiful.