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Preventing aging and disease through natural, sustainable wholefood supplements.

Recommended by Australias leading wellness and beauty magazines Womans Day, Luxe Nomade, Womens Health, Prevention & Wellbeing.

Welcome to the future of sustainable beauty and wellness, that won’t cost the Earth, figuratively and literally. Edible Earth are pioneers of Australia’s revolutionary Eco-luxe Elixirs that are tailored to your daily needs to holistically transform skin, body and mind, from the inside out.

Our premium marine collagen peptides, medicinal mushrooms and raw, live micro-nutrients have been designed by nature, formulated by nutritionists and naturopaths and enhanced by real science, to guarantee superior quality, affordability, bio-availability and results. We carefully source unique ingredients locally, organically and ethically, wherever possible, to ensure our Elixirs work synergistically on a cellular level, so you can achieve and sustain your wellness and healthy aging goals.

Our bodies are designed to regenerate, and we will show you how.

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Rewild, Regenerate, Reset.

100% Natural & Recyclable.

Vegan. Plant Based. Organic. Keto. Paleo.

Free from fillers, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, heavy metals, GMO’s & antibiotics.

Found at select day spas, cosmetic, health and beauty clinics, pharmacies and health stores.


has never felt so wholesome

Our mission is to prevent other families going through the heartache and trauma of diseases like the insidious brain cancer that took the life of Edible Earth owner Sarah's soul mate and father of their 2 children Indi and Olli, Lee Henderson, a after courageous 3 year fight for survival. Our products are formulated to balance and heal the body, from head to toe, naturally. On a conventional scale, we also donate $1 of every order to the Charlie Teo Brain Cancer Foundation, so every time you purchase an Edible Earth Eco-Luxe Elixir you’re helping us find a cure for brain cancer, as well as fight for climate change, and support our disabled community who proudly pack our products here in WA.