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how to improve nervous system

No matter if it’s pre-covid or post-covid, sometimes life can be a lot. And I mean, A LOT. The constant work stressors, family commitments, and the not so social events, our poor nervous system bears the brunt of it all. On top of all that, we’re constantly being reminded to stay productive, pick up an exercise routine, have multiple hobbies, all while running around to drop the kids off at dance class, footy, tennis, horse riding and the other million responsibilities that come with being a working single or partnered mum. Yep like I said, a lot.

Sometimes, we just have to say enough is enough. We can’t force ourselves to run on empty without ultimately paying the price, either now, or in the future, and if we pay the price, so do our loved ones. The good news is that there are small and simple things that we can all implement into our lives to assist with rejuvenating our bodies and minds to help give our nervous system a well deserved break. 

So why is our nervous system so important? Well, it essentially guides everything you do, think, say and feel - and how cantered or grounded you feel. It also controls complicated processes like our movements, thoughts and keeping our memory on point. So when we say it’s important to keep it in check, it's important to keep it in check! This is why we’ve outlined some ways below to support and get your nervous system back to (or as close to) 100%!

Master Your Sleep Pattern

As we all know, sleep plays a vital role in almost everything we do. From improving mental health to increasing physical health, a good sleep pattern is considered a god send for those who are naturally blessed with one. Without the essential eight hours of sleep, you’re at risk of developing chronic conditions which can impact the way you think, react, learn and even your interactions with others - essentially your central nervous system is running slow.

There are many roads to take when trying to improve your sleep, like turning off electronic devices an hour before bed, avoiding caffeine late in the day, reducing alcohol intake, and adding certain supplements into your diet, such as our collagen powder of medicinal mushrooms for in Australia with adaptogen mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms strengthen the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety, while Chaga helps to induce de-stress and improve sleep.


improve nervous system


Take B Vitamins

Chronic stress depletes our bodies of important vitamins, specifically B Vitamins B5, B6 and B3. Eating a colourful diet full of seasonal fruit and veggies can assist in restoring these vitamins, however supplementation in the short term may be necessary depending on your needs. 

Dim the Lights

The nervous system is attached to our five senses, and sight can affect our state of mind. Light your favourite candle, turn off the bright lights and even turn on some soft music and wait for the calm to wash over you.

Try Meditation and Yoga

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking, analyzing and planning ahead, but sometimes we get stuck there and it doesn't do us any favours. A great tool for getting out of your head is getting into your body, and meditation and yoga are both incredible ways to rewire the brain and retrain our stress responses. 

Both meditation and yoga have been proven to significantly reduce stress and improve  our nervous system. If you can’t make it down to a class, there are a variety of great online yoga classes and apps for meditation such as Calm, Headspace or Insight Timer.


how to improve your nervous system


Get out into Nature

Being out in the sun is not only good for your mental health, but it is one the best ways of defending the health of your central nervous system. Studies have shown that it can also significantly reduce the risk of a broad range of health conditions. Exposing yourself to the sunlight every morning for about 10 minutes is enough to boost your body’s nervous system, and at the same time, obtain plenty of Vitamin D.

Challenge Yourself

We all know the importance of moving our bodies, but what about exercising our minds? Picking up a crossword puzzle and putting your brain to work for 10 minutes will activate your nervous system and encourages it to perform essential functions that it might otherwise not be performing. Specialists even suggest that taking up such brain activating activities aids in fighting conditions such as stroke and memory loss. So next time you have a spare ten minutes, reach for the puzzle, crossword or sudoku (all which can be found in apps too!).



By choosing to feel relaxed and centered in your life, you are giving yourself the greatest gift. You may start with trying one point per week or one per day, but when you start to see positive changes in your body, mind, and general well-being, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start