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A myriad of amazing topical skincare products are on the shelves right now, from vitamin C to hyaluronic acid serums, all neatly bottled up to help slow down ageing and support skin regeneration and boost collagen health from the outside, in. 

But if you have sensitive skin and react to a lot of these active ingredients, or skin that is clogged and unable to effectively absorb serums and creams, then there’s no use for these now futile products. In other words, you're essentially paying top dollar for a bit of moisturiser that doesn't actively improve your skins health at a cellular level…

Fear not, all is not lost, you just haven't discovered the moisturiser for your insides which is the magic of anti-aging ingestibles. There's good reason why it is one of the fastest growing industries year on year, and it has earnt its place in our daily routine. Welcome to your new ingestible skincare!

Also known as beauty and wellness ingestibles, they will allow you to radiate beautiful clear skin and inner health from the inside out. Perfect for those with aging or sensitive skin as this will assist in repairing, strengthening and protecting.

The best part is that you're getting more bang for your buck and better results than creams alone because you can eat, drink or wear them! Yes, you heard us right! Due to the purity and bio-activity of these inner beauty ingestibles, anyone can enjoy double the collagen glow by mixing a small amount of water into the elixir powder, stirring into a paste and applying it as an intensely hydrating and firming face mask! Talk about having your cake and eating it too (mmm cake).

So, what is collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that can be found within our bodies. It gives us our tight skin in our 20’s and our luscious locks in our 30’s. However, the sad news is that our natural collagen production begins to decline as we age, and our skin, hair and nails see the impact of this decline and internally we feel it, as it masks itself as digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and brittle bones. Therefore, to maintain full body wellness and young supple skin well into old age, collagen skincare and supplements are a non-negotiable in our daily skin care routine.

Why should we be taking ingestible collagen supplements? 

Some people believe that you can get enough collagen from your diet, or by consuming gelatin. False! 

The truth is, the amount of collagen peptides from dietary sources varies a lot, as does the bio-activity of the different kinds of collagens. Not all collagen is created equally. Things like what animal it came from, what body part (ew), how much you ingest and even how it was extracted or cooked, can all affect the real collagen levels that will reach your organs and skin. And with all our best intentions aside, none of us can claim to eat a 100% healthy diet every day, and consistency is key to positive long term results. 

Quality collagen supplementation is a must for optimal skin health. Good quality collagen powder like our Anti-aging Marine Collagen don’t contain ‘native’ collagen (i.e. dietary collagen found in foods), but rather purified and concentrated hydrolysed collagen peptides and amino acids in a convenient absorbable form. In addition to hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, we've supercharged our blend with silica rich bamboo extract, and skin nourishing niacin (vitamin B3) and antioxidants. Our GLOW Marine Collagen formulas are 1.5 times better absorbed than any other collagen on the market, and is the clean, sustainable eco-friendly alternative to cow and pig collagen. It is type 1 collagen which is what 90% of our bodies collagen is made from, therefore you'll see results from head to toe.


A healthy diet is still on the cards!

Taking all the supplements in the world won’t mean anything if you’ve got a terrible diet. A healthy diet supplies us with nutrients required for normal levels of collagen production, whilst adding a collagen supplement can superpower the cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Eating foods that contain vitamin C, Iron, Zinc and Copper is imperative as they are rich in amino acids and are essential for natural collagen production. Lean meat, citrus fruits, fish, egg whites, nuts and seeds and leafy green vegetables are all great sources of these. If you’re a vegan, then ingesting naturally available vegan collagen is virtually impossible. This is why having a collagen supplement can be extremely beneficial in these circumstances.

Try our 4 Week Anti-Aging Summer Kick Start program just in time for the warmer months! Rejuvenate your skin from within in just 4 weeks. This simple, easy to follow holistic inner beauty programme is the most effective way to kick start your inner beauty transformation and get summer skin ready! The Reset and Radiate Skin and Gut healing guide enhances the therapeutic benefits and guarantees real results.

Supercharge your inner skincare and GLOW today.