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Cleansing takes guts: Sarah’s top 6 inner cleanse hacks

Cleansing takes guts: Sarah’s top 6 inner cleanse hacks

It should come as no surprise that in this modern age, there are nasty toxins all around us. Our environments, daily products, food and drinks are full of excess chemicals that are so easily absorbed by our bodies and when not properly removed, can cause lifelong damage and illness. Harsh pollutants and harmful pesticides that exist in our environment are not designed to stay in our bodies, which is why we’re huge fans of regular cleansing!

Providing your body the chance to reset and remove all the bad stuff is important to maintaining a healthy functioning system and lifelong health. Our philosophy is, and always will be, to heal ourselves through the goodness of nature and our locally sourced, pure and organic products are the perfect addition to any cleanse regime. Celebrities, models and athletes the world over are huge fans of regular cleansing as they believe it allows their bodies and minds the chance to remove any unwanted chemicals, nasties or toxins. Australian sweetheart and super mum Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of cleansing and credits her amazing figure to committing to regular detoxes and cleanses!

Our DETOX Life Elixir contains the highest known natural source of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, antioxidants, free amino acids, anti-histamines, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes. Make it your daily essential during your cleanse to help resolve poor gut health, chronic inflammation, nutritional imbalance, prevent physical and mental disease and beat premature aging. There’s not much it can’t do!

Edible Earth’s Cleanse and Reset Programme is designed (and proven!) to transform the skin, gut and mind in just 12 weeks. Formulated with our best-selling family friendly GLOW Beauty Elixir to repair the gut, fortify skin, hair and nails and our DETOX Life Elixir which provides the body the most nutrient dense superfood on earth – organic WA bee pollen.

GLOW Beauty Elixir works beyond the skin to not only provide the ultimate anti-aging results (hello firm, glowing skin!) but also improves digestion and absorption whilst reducing bloating. Quite often when our systems are overloaded by toxins, poor gut health is one of the biggest tell-tale signs! Supporting and nourishing your gut with marine collagen will work wonders at restoring optimum gut health and ultimately help you feel so much better overall.

Keen to start a cleanse but not sure what to do? Check out our founder, Sarah’s, top 6 cleanse hack to get you glowing in no time!

  1. Get juicy
    Including a green vegetable juice as part of your daily cleanse will help ensure you meet your vitamin and mineral goals for the day. Swap out that milky coffee each morning for a fresh juice, mixed with your favourite Edible Earth collagen – your body will love you for it!

  2. Focus on fibre
    Keeping your daily fibre intake high is crucial to a healthy digestive system and gut. Incorporate LSA and psyllium husk into your daily smoothies, oats or yoghurt and vegetables and fruit is a great place to start!

  3. Supercharge with supplements
    Give your system a boost and keep vitamin levels high with daily supplement additions. I love hemp oil for a boost of omega 3, apple cider vinegar each morning as well as bee pollen for vitamin b, which most people are deficient in and can be found in our DETOX Life Elixir. Every evening I take our CALM Defence Elixir medicinal mushrooms for an adaptogen hit which helps support stress levels, calm the nervous system and boosts immunity and energy.

  4. Be strict with your self-care
    Look after yourself during your cleanse. As the body goes through a detoxification process, it is likely you may feel tired and lethargic as your system works to get rid of toxins. During this time, be gentle and listen to what your body needs. If it means saying no to social occasions, swapping a gym session for a walk in nature or resting on the couch with a book…then do it!

  5. Movement and meditation
    Setting time aside each day to move your body in a way that feels good for you. Whether it’s a walk, Pilates class, yoga session or a more intense HIIT workout, moving will help to flush toxins out of the system quicker and make you feel great – hello endorphins! Daily meditations in the form of guided mindfulness, journaling or gratitude practices are also great for helping keep you on track with your goals and calming the nervous system.

  6. Eliminate meat, dairy, gluten and sugar
    These are all pro-inflammatory and pro-aging foods, which does not do the body, skin or mind any good! The idea is not to starve yourself, simply to replace these with plant based alternatives that will help you feel more energetic, lighter and improve sleep and clarity of mind.

Are you ready to start your cleanse journey? Let us help you get started with our premium formulas…created by nature and backed by science, they’re perfect for helping you reset and regenerate your system so you can look and feel your very best. 

Better yet, we never use toxic, cheap, less effective alternatives like colours, fillers, excess ingredients, and believe wholeheartedly in supporting sustainable practices such as organic and regenerative farming and we use 100% recyclable packaging to directly improve the health of our planet.

To get started, click here to view our detox and cleanse programs and don’t forget to tag us in your journey!