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Why a holistic approach is the only way to slow down aging long term

Holistic beauty and wellness edible earth perth

At Edible Earth, we are firm believers in the regenerative and healing powers of a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Our formulations, practices and values are rooted in the firm belief that a comprehensive approach to health and beauty (cheeky Friday night vino included!) is the only way to achieve long term wellness and slow the effects of skin aging.

So, what exactly is holistic beauty and wellness?

Quite often, the term holistic is misused as a catchy marketing term to imply that natural and organic products are the only way to go. And while we’re all for remaining as close to nature as possible, it’s almost impossible to avoid technology, western diets and culture in this modern age. In such a fast-paced world, how can we create internal balance so the body can heal and repair?

Edible Earth elixirs are designed not only to support the body to detox, heal, alkalise, repair, strengthen and re-energise, but also work in synergy with each other and your lifestyle. By incorporating these into your daily regime, you are working to create and maintain balance as well as healing the gut, reducing inflammation in the body, supporting hair, skin and nail growth, preventing disease, boosting energy and general wellness.

Our holistic approach to health and beauty encompasses treating the body and its systems as a whole, not just parts of it. Our philosophy is that optimum balance can only be achieved if all parts of the body are working properly. We aim for restoring balance physically, emotionally and mentally and that a healthy diet alone cannot provide us with the nutrients required for optimum health.

Our pioneering formulas contain unique, yet essential nutrients that are impossible to receive from your everyday meals. Sourced locally and certified organic where possible, Edible Earth beauty and health elixirs are designed to provide you with the complete nutritional balance by working at a cellular level, where real lasting change takes place.

Some of our tips for a holistic approach to beauty and wellness…

Nourish skin
Ensuring your topical skincare features a potent blend of hardworking antioxidants to feed and nourish the skin is crucial. Look for ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and soothing niacinamide to support healthy skin cells.

Eat well
Prioritise a nourishing diet full of fresh, gut-friendly, whole foods that will deliver essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to your system. Where possible, include 1-2 green vegetable juices into your day to reduce acid, inflammation and cellular degeneration whilst boosting energy and raw nutrient intake for optimum body and brain function. Supplement your dietary intake with Edible Earth’s range of life changing elixirs, formulated with raw, live micronutrients that are better absorbed by the body than any synthetic alternatives – meaning maximum results for you and more bang for your buck!

A hydrated body is a balanced, healthy one. Adequate amounts of water will flush toxins from your system, regulate metabolism and keep hunger pangs at bay. Aim for at least 2 litres a day of fresh, filtered water.

Movement is medicine
Moving your body in a way that feels good for you is one of the best ways to ensuring long term health and wellness. Not only do our muscles and internal systems require regular movement, but the mental and emotional effects are profound. Studies have found that just 30 minutes of daily exercise is more effective than prescribed anti-depressants at treating mild anxiety and depression, so whether you’re a runner, gym junkie or prefer slower, more mindful movement like yoga, swimming or Pilates, make it a non-negotiable.

Sleeping beauty
When our bodies are at rest, the most wonderful things happen, muscles repair, energy is restored, and hormones are balanced. The result? Boosted energy levels, glowing and youthful looking skin, optimum gut health and reduced inflammation. Eight hours a night is a great figure to aim for, bonus points for 10!

Chill out
Take some time each week to listen to what your mind and body needs. Whether that’s immersing yourself in a book for a few hours, lazing in the sun with loved ones or saying no to plans that don’t fill your cup. Holistic wellness is also cemented in the spiritual and physical mind body connection. Meditation, even for 10 short minutes a day, is essential to balance body, mind and soul on a chemical level. Studies have found people who meditate daily are happier, more emotionally stable, compassionate, empathetic and less likely to suffer from anxiety.

How do you approach holistic beauty and wellness in your life? If you feel there are some areas of your life that would benefit from a new direction, perhaps it’s time to create space for positive change.

Invest in your health and discover Edible Earth’s life changing elixirs today.