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how to take care in home isolation

Are you suffering from #maskne (mask acne)? Or just feeling a little “bluh” after being stuck in iso for eight weeks straight (yes Sydney, we're talking to you). Well firstly, you are not alone ladies! During these weird and wild times of stress and the unknown, it’s no wonder that our skin is taking the brunt of our ever-changing moods. So whether you’re working from home, home schooling, keeping in isolation or quarantine, or simply searching for ways to magnify your health at home, we present your go-to guide to getting that GLOW back in your life.


how to take care in home isolation


Stay Healthy

While we’re all for staying in your loungewear, binge-watching Love Island and reaching for that 6th Tim Tam to ease the emotional pain, this is the perfect opportunity to practice some self-care and create healthy habits at home that fuel happy hormones (and skin), instead of resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms that create a vicious cycle of stress and hopelessness, which manifest in the gut and nervous system, and show on your skin. Whilst we like to avoid getting all preachy, we believe it's our innate responsibility to educate the globe about the positive impact holistic health can have on your mental health, and overall wellness. In this current global challenge we are collectively facing, it is imperative for our health and even survival, to prioritise wellness and balance, in every sense of the word.


Tailor Your Skincare in Iso

Your skin is extremely temperamental to what you eat, feel and think, and a sudden change in diet or mood could shift your skin into meltdown mode, sorry ladies but chronic or acute stress, sugar and dairy are enemy number 1 here. Not only does a poor diet affect your skin, it will affect your sleep, motivation levels and overall health and has a cumulative effect. We also see this time as an opportunity to let the Masterchef within you reveal itself. Spend time creating or cooking meals rich in nutrients, sprinkle some Life Elixir for an energy and probiotic boost, and creamify your cuppa or juice with a touch of GLOW. It doesn't need to be fancy, just consistent. Good fats and oils like avocado and hemp seed oil go a long way too - your mind, body and skin will thank you later!


Do a Hair Mask

If there was ever a time for a mask, this is it! Whether your hair is dry, heat-damaged, chemically-coloured, curly or even simply aging, a hair mask will be your saviour. Like an intense chemical free conditioner, hair masks are used to soak and cover your hair to help it repair and come out stronger, whilst nourishing the scalp. We feed out hair follicles from within with GLOW Beauty Elixir as it is enhanced with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, silica and B3, essential for thick, shiny, luscious locks. So take 5 to get your hair mask on, feet up and relax… hydrated, gorgeous hair is only a teaspoon away.


how to take care of quarantine person


Do a Collagen Mask

You can eat, drink or wear our Glow Beauty ElixirTo create a mask, just mix together 1 tbsp of the Elixir and 2 tbsp of water! Apply generously to your face and kick back with a good book or podcast and leave for at least 15mins - the longer the better. Remove with a wet cloth and rinse and feel renewed!


how to stay healthy in isolation


Create a Holistic Skincare Routine

Quality skin care is now more important than ever. While many of us are embracing the fresh skin feels, most of us are facing new stressors, a change in diet, exercise and lifestyle, which all takes a considerable toll on our skin.

Now with so many products available, and being bombarded with products on a daily basis that don't always do what they claim to do, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to know what products to trust and implement in your routine. So, take it back to basics and DIY, we recommend starting with three items - a cleanser, a vitamin rich serum and GLOW series marine collagen that reverses skin damage internally! Take the 7 day challenge and watch your skin transform right before your eyes. Instant face lift and hydration boost!


Skincare in Isolation


Move Your Body

Whilst we may not be able to attend our beloved F45 or pilates classes, we still need to keep our bodies active. Whether that means going for a walk, online yoga, lounge room HIIT classes, or a dance party in your bedroom, regular movement is imperative to staying fit and healthy. 

Keeping active is also a significant factor in maintaining a healthy mind. With so many restrictions in place and not being able to do what we normally would to stay perked up, it is so important to find a way to move our body each day to keep our mental health in check.


Fix Your Gut

The gut and skin are constantly talking to each other (known as the gut-skin axis). Plus, did you know that 70 per cent of our immune system lies within our gut? This means that it’s incredibly important to our overall health, and the key to unlocking glowing skin from the inside out.
Our overall health, beauty and wellbeing are so closely linked to our gut health, our Glow Gut Elixir is the perfect way to repair and soothe the gut to holistically support your health from the inside out. The Gut Elixir has been formulated with clean hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and L-glutamine for added digestive support and help in healing digestive disorder


how to take care in home isolation


Drink Up!

No, we’re not talking about wine! Staying hydrated is essential to flush toxins from your body, help keep your skin looking fresh, lubricates your joints to help you move, maintains normal bowel function, and SO MUCH MORE.

We know it can be extremely hard to drink water when stuck at home out of your normal routine, however this is probably the most essential time to maintain your water intake. We like to mix it up and meet our quota by drinking herbal teas, green veg juices, and hot mushroom chocolate, or fill up a water bottle with lemon and aim to empty by a certain time. Then refill, and repeat! You should be aiming for about 8 glasses of water per day.


At the end of the day, a self-care routine should be about what makes you feel calm, refreshed and ready for the days ahead. We all have a little more time than usual to create and implement new rituals, habits and routines that are going to help us glow through the day to day! Let us guide you along your journey and sign up for your FREE Reset and Radiate Skin and Gut Healing guide to transform at home: Sign Up Here.