#7 Stockist Starter Kit


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#7 Stockist Starter Kit
#7 Stockist Starter Kit

United we GLOW! Edible Earth have curated a bio-active, organic range of pure and potent powders to complement cosmetic, beauty, hair and spa clinics. We offer Australia's leading inner welness and beauty elixirs that have been recommended by Australia's leading publications and health professionals and have sold over 200,000 elixirs over the years, helping thousands of women achieve their wellness and healthy aging goals, whilst educating them on how to prevent disease and thrive every day.

Welcome to holistic skincare that works beyond the belly for real results you can see and feel. Pioneering elixirs so pure and natural that you can eat, drink or wear them. 

Our scientifically formulated elixirs work synergistically on a cellular level, for full body, skin and mind rejuvenation. Certified organic, sustainable, recyclable and free from any nasties, we believe that true beauty doesn't need to cost the Earth.

Some fun facts about Edible Earth: We were the first company to formulate a Clinical grade anti-aging formula in Australia that married the top 2 anti-aging powerhouses, marine collagen and edible hyaluronic acid. This blend has now been supercharged with silica, B3 and antioxidants for women needing intensive repair from within.

We are also WA's first Marine Collagen Company who don't believe in synthetic ingredients or patents, because nature simply cant be replicated, a lab is no match for the intricate nutritional compounds curated by nature.

Perfect for customers who think they have tried it all, but have found nothing works! Elixirs are aesthetically stunning and eye catching, a piece of art to adorn your shelves.

Glow up 2022 and join our wellness tribe today. Next day despatch guaranteed.


  • 2 x CALM 50g Certified Organic, 10:1 medicinal mushroom blend; reishi, chaga, maitake, lions mane.

  • 2 x GLOW 100g Youth Elixir Marine Collagen + Vitamin C

  • 2 x GLOW 100g Gut Elixir Marine Collagen + L-glutamine

  • 2 x GLOW 150g Beauty Elixir Marine Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid

  • 2 x DETOX 150g Life Elixir Immunity Cert Organic Pollen (all in one raw daily multivitamins).

#7 Stockist Starter Kit
#7 Stockist Starter Kit

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