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8 signs you need to detox

8 signs you need to detox

Here at Edible Earth, we are strong believers in taking pause from our busy lives and listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Our bodies have the amazing ability to self-cleanse themselves however sometimes they just need a little extra help. Did you know that your kidneys, immune system and liver work simultaneously to remove unwanted toxins from our bodies as soon as they enter it? Despite this, sometimes these toxins get stored away inside us for prolonged periods of time because they exceed our body’s ability to eliminate them. This means they stay inside us until we take action ourselves to completely remove them.

Luckily for us our bodies send us signs and indications that it’s time for us to detox!

We’ve put together a list of the 8 major signs from your body that you need to detox and how Edible Earth can help you on your detox journey. Ready, set, radiate!

Weight gain
Have you noticed a persistent increase in your weight despite the fact that you are eating well and moving your body? A toxin overload might be to blame! Toxins can be Lipophilic which means they are often stored in the body as fat. These toxins often cause the body to produce more fat cells in order to store more toxins. This is why it makes it almost impossible to lose the weight until you tackle the toxins in your body. Incorporating our Edible Earth’s DETOX jLife Elixir will help kickstart your detox as it contains unique gut enzymes to improve digestion, absorption and microbiome health.

Constant fatigue
Are you feeling tired all the time even though you are getting a good night’s sleep?A build-up of toxins in your body could be the culprit! An excess amount of toxins can create a lot of stress on your adrenal glands which can cause adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can contribute to feelings of exhaustion and sleepiness, which can wreak havoc on your day-to-day life including work, exercise and all those important things we need to get done. We suggest adding our CALM Defence Elixir to your cleanse routine as the medicinal mushrooms support stress management which will help you eliminate all those excess toxins and allow you to function at your best during the day.


Brain fog
There is nothing worse than trying to get through your day and struggling to concentrate. If you are suffering from constant brain fog or lack of mental clarity, then it could be another sign that your body is struggling to flush toxins out of its system. Medicinal mushrooms are packed full of antioxidants and other compounds that provide and enhance moods as well as support cognitive function. These magic mushrooms such as lion’s mane, reishi, maitake and chaga can be found in our CALM Mushroom Adaptogen and are a fantastic addition to your detox cleanse!

Poor skin health
Your skin is your biggest organ, and very quick to let us know when something is amiss. Breakouts, skin blemishes, increased sensitivity and lacklustre complexion are all signs that the body is crying out for a detox. When the skin tries to eliminate toxins in the body, it reacts badly to the process because it perceives these toxins as poison. Making sure your skincare routine features a combination of hardworking antioxidants to feed and nourish the skin is crucial. Look for ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and soothing niacinamide to support healthy skin cells during your detox is vital. Add in our GLOW Anti-aging Elixir to your daily detox, which contains Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that work to give you healthier, younger looking skin from within.


Unpredictable moods
If you experience swings in mood throughout the day this is a sign that there is a hormonal imbalance in the body. Xenoestrogens toxins cause hormonal imbalances that can affect everyone. Xenoestrogen is a synthetic mixture of hormones that act like estrogen in the body. Xenoestrogens are usually found in industrial compounds such as phthalates, BPA and PCBs. Avoiding the use of plastic, especially in the kitchen, can reduce the xenoestrogens levels in the body. Mushrooms are a great way to regulate hormones and support whole body wellness, so add Edible Earth’s Defence Elixir into your detox for a kick of magic mushroom goodness!

A grumpy gut
So much of our overall well-being is related to our gut health. If you suffer from constipation, irregularity, bloating, or discomfort in your digestion, chances are something is a little out of balance. Excess toxins left in the body as can end up inflaming your gut, which is why a little detox is the perfect reset, allowing your digestive system to take a break and rule out any foods or substances that may be causing you grief. Edible Earth’s GLOW Gut Elixir is perfect to add to your detox routine to help you flush out unwanted toxins and give your guts a little bit of extra TLC.

Poor hair and nail health
Brittle hair or nails and hair loss can be a sign that the body is not getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive or is reacting to toxins such as dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten or otherwise. A detox is the perfect way to flush stored toxins from your body and give your hair and nails a chance to reset. Our GLOW Youth Elixir is just what you need to help you through your detox, whilst supporting nail and hair health. The formulation of marine collagen with vitamin C helps to fortify skin, hair, nails and bones by stimulating keratin production.   

Poor immunity
Constantly getting sick or run down? This is a big wakeup call from your body to stop and rest! We all know the importance of a healthy immune system, especially as we head into winter and even more so as we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Our bodies are unable to deal with the amount of stress we place on them during our daily lives, making our systems prone to infection and illness. Support your system with our immunity loving DETOX Life Elixir. Also known as Food of the Gods, bee pollen contains the highest known natural source of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, antioxidants, free amino acids, anti-histamines, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes. It also contains antibiotic and anti-viral properties which are key to a strong immune system.


A detox cleanse can be a challenging experience for some but is certainly worth it, a clean, well-functioning body is a happy body! When you feel great physically, it makes sense that we also feel uplifted and motivated in mind and spirit.

If you feel as though you are experiencing any of these symptoms try it’s probably the perfect time to detox.

Invest in your health and discover Edible Earth’s life changing elixirs today. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, and aren’t sure which option is best for your individual needs, please reach out for some personalised free guidance: or slide into our DMs on instagram @__edible_earth