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Calorie counting, cardio, meal replacement shakes and quick fix drugs, have become the trendy new go-to for weight loss. Today, we bust these dangerous myths that are making you sicker, sadder and fatter!

Like you, we've had a gut full (literally), of the overwhelming, conflicting and outdated weight loss advice online, so we've done the hard work for you, by collating current, peer reviewed science, circa 2023, carried out by leading health and wellness specialists, that guarantees to give you an actionable plan that will actually work. This new ''Healthy Weight Loss Bible" will empower you with the right tools, to not only lose toxic fat, but will also repair microbiome, balance hormones, reduce stress, boost metabolism and improve sleep quality, with an overall aim to prevent disease, and premature aging, on a cellular level. Let's glow!

But not only that, our founder opens up for the first time, about her family, and how we are all faced with situations in life where we feel lost, hopeless, and see no light at the end of the tunnel. This is for those of you who know what that’s like, and have been made to feel hopeless. We are here to show you there is NOTHING you can’t achieve, and that there is ALWAYS a silver lining.


MYTH 1. Cardiovascular workouts are essential to lose weight:

While cardiovascular exercise has its merits, excessive and prolonged cardio sessions can lead to hormonal balance and loss of muscle mass. Physiologically, extended cardio can trigger an increase in cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which reduces progesterone, essential to keep a woman's oestrogen in check.

When progesterone goes down, oestrogen goes up and forces the body to store fat

According to leading health experts like Dr Huberman, Mindy Pelz, and Dr Fung, elevated cortisol, over time, may lead to muscle breakdown and hinder the body's ability to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Low muscle mass can be a health problem for several reasons:

  1. Metabolic Impact: Muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning it burns more calories at rest compared to fat tissue. Low muscle mass can result in a lower basal metabolic rate, making it easier to gain weight and potentially contributing to obesity or weight-related issues.

  2. Insulin Sensitivity: Muscles play a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels. Low muscle mass is associated with reduced insulin sensitivity, increasing the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

  3. Bone Health: Muscles provide support to the skeletal system. Reduced muscle mass can lead to weaker bones and an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis, particularly as individuals age.

  4. Functional Impairments: Muscles are essential for daily activities and movements. Low muscle mass can lead to physical weakness, making it more challenging to perform simple tasks, affecting overall functionality and independence.

  5. Balance and Stability: Muscles contribute to balance and stability. A decrease in muscle mass can result in impaired balance, increasing the risk of falls and related injuries, especially in older adults.

  6. Chronic Disease Risk: Low muscle mass has been linked to an increased risk of various chronic conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Adequate muscle mass is associated with improved cardiovascular health and a lower risk of heart-related issues.

  7. Inflammatory Response: Muscles produce anti-inflammatory substances. Reduced muscle mass may result in a less effective anti-inflammatory response, potentially contributing to chronic inflammation associated with various health problems.

  8. Longevity: Studies suggest a correlation between higher muscle mass and increased longevity. Maintaining muscle mass is associated with better overall health and a lower risk of premature death.



To put it bluntly - they dont! You're losing water weight and muscle mass and it's unsustainable long term. Weight loss drugs disrupt hormonal balance, having detrimental effects on metabolism, microbiome, mood, and overall health. When you interfere with the bodies natural mechanisms, or starve it of the correct nutrients, it will always go into survival mode, and slow down your metabolism, increasing weight gain in the long term.

20kgs heavier, from a generation of yo-yo dieters, founder Sarah is no stranger to falling for the latest fads, and quick fix scams.

"My entire life was a juxtaposition of healthy vs unhealthy role models. On one side of the family were your stereotypical Italian family. My nonno and nonna were the epitome of Italian culture, in middle-class Morley in Perth, WA. Nonna wearing her apron, hair rollers and head scarf, spending hours in the kitchen everyday, doing what all nonnas love to do; cook! The magic she conjured in the kitchen, when cooking these mouth-watering meals that were so full of love, years of experience, and recipes passed down from generation to generation, their meals really are impossible to replicate, they do have a secret ingredient, and to this day all i can call it is patience. Something that the overwhelmed busy working mum is lacking when trying to juggle a hundred tasks and then think of how to feed hungry mouths, and tick off the list of chores.

Nonno would tend the garden each day, and despite only having an 800sqm block, he grew EVERYTHING, from herbs, bananas, mangos, avocados, grapes, they even had a little chicken penn and the dream shed where he would tinker and make his own grappa, wine, beer, sauce, olive oil, jam - you name it, he made it! And it was ALWAYS organic. No toxic chemical sprays, or fertilisers, just pure, natural organic produce - and you could really TASTE the difference. It was a source of pride and purpose for them, and only now at 40, do i realise the profound impact it had on my core beliefs and choosing a life that harnesses nutrition and nature, to help others truly live their best life, without years of disease and unhappiness. 

Compare this to my mums side, my grandma Sheila (as Aussie as they come, country girl from Nannup, WA), married my grandad Emidio (as italian as they come, fresh of the boat, without a dollar to his name, or speaking a word of english). Unfortunately, grandma was from a family of poor farmers, 12 sisters and brothers, her the eldest and a mum to most of them, as her father was an alcoholic and died after a tree fell on him while he was tree lopping, when she was only 17. 

Grandad, unlike my nonna and nonno, wanted to assimilate to the Australian "culture", and started implementing some bad habits from my grandmas family, who were ALL obese, and suffered with heart disease, diabetes and just poor health in general. They were your prime targets for the "Fat Free" revolution, where Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers were the only nutrition teachers they knew, and became the weekly social event, that did nothing but teach them unhealthy eating habits, that kept their weight yo-yoing for over 20 years! 

Seeing the direct impact each way of living had on both families, subconsciously showed me that there was more to weight loss and overall wellness, than was being taught in mainstream nutrition back in the 90's - where calorie counting and fat free foods were touted as the ONLY way to lose weight. We now know that this led us down a path of starving our brains and bodies of essential fats, leading to many chronic diseases.  Fat was replaced with sugar, and in a nutshell, this is one main reason why western societies have seen dramatic increases over the past 40 years, in cancer, mental health diseases, diabetes, childhood behavioural and developmental disruptions, auto-immune disease and so much more.

Still, i had adopted a blend of habits from both sides of my family, and had to go on my own journey, and undertake my own research where i leant on the world's leading experts, to finally arrive at a place now where i teach other women how to reset old unhealthy relationships with food, and challenge outdated beliefs we have been raised with. And empower them with being able to understand what they're putting in their body, and how it is helping, or harming them.


From right to left: Sarah, Leo, Dr Charlie Teo & medical team. Dr Teo performed a brain tumour resection. Lee's second of 4 major brain surgeries, during his brain cancer journey. "We had hope because after this 2nd surgery, and with Lee being on a holistic nutrition and treatment protocol, Lee was cancer free for 12 months. Lee stopped Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy as it made his 2nd tumour grow bigger, as is the case with many glioblastomas"

I spent a good portion of my 40 years, struggling with body image and low confidence, and this was only fuelled by societal expectations and messaging that young women grow up with, and with social media it's only getting worse. It wasn't until my 30's after the birth of my second child, that everything i had learnt and experienced, came together. The terminal cancer diagnoses of my late fiancé and trying to save him, was the catalyst to dropping toxic habits, and committing to a holistic, healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and realistic. My mission is to simply stop other people going through the same heartache and loss that chronic diseases and cancer bring, and the by-product of that is weight loss.

I never embarked upon formulating supplements for weight loss, in fact i was completely against it. The prime motivator behind the Edible Earth range, and the 12 week programmes is to  remind the body it can reset, repair, heal and re-balance itself, when it has the right tools - after all, it's the most clever pharmacy on the planet, and is literally designed by nature, to do this. Health is our birthright, but somehow monetisation and corporations, got in the way.

Sarah's late fiance, Lee, and their two children Indi and Olli, just after his terminal cancer diagnoses, 2016.

Before i embarked on this journey, i underwent my own transformation. I lost 20kgs, and healed gastritis, IBS and anxiety/depression through my own 12 month programme, which i have condensed into 12 weeks. 

The only way to truly transform, and to maintain your new healthy weight, is by using a holistic approach. The biggest influencer of your weight is not how much you exercise, or how much you eat. The biggest impact is what you eat, and when you eat it. This is why the 12 week transformation programmes are so successful.

From humble beginnings. This is where it started, in Perth, 2016, with her first product: 'Feel The Buzz Superfoods'. Just before Lee was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

New beginnings. Sarah with her 2 children, Indi and Olli, 2023.



This is why they're not:

  1. Limited Nutritional Diversity: Many diet shakes lack the diverse array of NATURAL unprocessed nutrients found in whole foods. Relying on shakes as a primary source of nutrition can lead to deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients crucial for overall health.

  2. Artificial Ingredients: diet shakes contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other cheap fillers that may have negative effects on health. Research has raised concerns about the impact of artificial sweeteners on metabolism and the gut microbiome, because of this you will gain more weight long term, as you've damaged the natural flora in your digestive system and still overstimulate the insulting response.

  3. Lack of Satiety: Liquid calories from shakes may not provide the same level of satiety as whole foods. This is because the body doesn't release the hormone peptide YY (PYY). PYY is released by cells in the gastrointestinal tract, in response to the ingestion of food, which tell you’re body you’ve eaten and you’re satisfied and can stop eating more.

  4. Potential for Overconsumption: Because of their liquid form and often pleasant taste, individuals may underestimate the calorie content of shakes. This can result in unintentional overconsumption of calories & sugar spikes, contributing to weight gain over time.
  5. Unsustainability: A healthy lifestyle is all about healthy habits. Your body is the most intelligent pharmacy on the planet, but it only works when it is ingesting fresh, natural wholefoods.

  6. Metabolic Adaptations: Prolonged use of very low-calorie diets, which may include diet shakes, can lead to metabolic adaptations. The body may respond to restricted calorie intake by slowing down metabolism, because it’s default is survival mode, making it harder to maintain weight loss.

  7. Psychological Impact: Depending solely on shakes for meals may not address the psychological aspects of eating, such as the pleasure and satisfaction derived from enjoying a variety of foods. This can contribute to feelings of deprivation and increase the likelihood of binge eating or unhealthy eating behaviours.


Counting calories is an outdated method to lose weight. It's the most basic understanding of nutrition, and lacks the complexity and biochemistry of the nutrients in your food, and whether they’re having a positive, or negative, impact on the health of your body. This outdated concept is from the  ''fat is bad for you'' era, and is one of the main reasons why the western world is seeing an uncontrollable spike in disease and obesity.

The phrase "a calorie is not a calorie" highlights the fact that not all calories have the same impact on the body, despite having the same energy content. The most simple way to explain why this never works long term, is as follows:

You compare eating an avocado, containing 240 calories, to eating a small doughnut with the same number of calories. If a calorie was a calorie, this would make sense, they both contain the same amount of calories… so i may as well reach for that mouth-watering doughnut!

PLEASE! DON'T… this is why.

When you opt for that doughnut, the calories aren't your problem. The problem is the toxic, inflammatory effect of the gluten and sugar. It spikes insulin, thus throwing your hormones out of whack, it damages microbiome and forces your body to work overtime to process and eliminate. All the while, your immune system is told to attack because what is being ingested is foreign, unnatural and nutrient deficient. Because the doughnut is not a complex carbohydrate (vegetables, legumes), your body is also going to store this as fat.

Compare this to the avocado. It contains healthy omega 3 fats, and essential micro-nutrients, to fuel the body and brain, balance hormones, feed microbiome, and overall it delivers the correct nutrients to where they are needed most, so your body can function the way it's designed to. Your body will NOT store avocado as fat, instead, it will burn these calories when you're active, and then force the body to burn excess glucose stored in your muscles, because your body isn't over-saturated with refined carbohydrates (processed sugars).


1. The Hormonal Harmony of Resistance Training:

Healthy muscle mass = healthy metabolism. Contrasting with the potential hormonal disruption caused by excessive cardio and weight loss drugs, resistance training fosters a hormonal environment that supports muscle growth, which supports an efficient digestive system. Testosterone and growth hormones, essential for muscle development, are naturally stimulated during resistance training. This hormonal harmony encourages excess weight loss and the excretion of toxins.

2. Marine Collagen Supplementation as a Hormonal Elixir:

Resistance training, coupled with collagen supplementation, stands out as a superior approach to maintaining muscle mass, healthy microbiome and hormonal balance. 

Collagen supplementation is a game-changer in the pursuit of healthy lean muscle mass. Amino acids in collagen, especially glycine, play a crucial role in supporting the balance of hormones that support healthy muscle mass, such as:

TS,T4, IGF-1, Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Oestrogens, etc

This aids in weight loss by promoting a higher metabolic rate but also contributes to overall longevity by supporting a resilient, inflammation free and well-balanced body.

Our GLOW Sea Collagen formulas provide the most premium, bio-active peptides, at 95% pure protein (unique amino acids composition), it directly feeds your muscles high quality protein needed to stay healthy and strong.

3. Intermittent Fasting

The most essential factor for weight loss, it's not just what you eat, but WHEN you eat, that dictates how your body utilises these calories and nutrients.

The jury is out! Mountains of unquestionable research have shown that you should aim to eat within an 8 hour window, and no more than 3 hours before bedtime.

For example: 

Wake up: 6am

Breakfast: 8am

Lunch: 12 pm

Dinner: 6pm

Bed: 10pm

This 14 hour window of fasting allows your body to process the days nutrition, and begin the nightly repair process, where toxins, and harmful pathogens, can be effectively processed and excreted from the body.

Leaving a 3-4 hour window after dinner, it allows your body to go into the ''rest and digest'' phase. Research has shown this significantly improves sleep quality, reduces insomnia and your overall risk of disease and premature aging, because your body isn't being burdened by processing food, when it should be giving your body a nightly reboot!

Repair Microbiome

Scientifically the best way to achieve this is NOT through artificial probiotics. Research shows time again that more often than not;  the probiotic supplements you’re buying from your pharmacy to health food store, are dead and ineffective, not to mention made in a lab.

A simple, clinically proven way to repair and diversify microbiome, is to include fermented wholefoods into each meal, such as saurkraut, medicinal mushrooms, bee pollen, kimchi, fermented organic soy, kefir etc. As well as getting out in nature, and travelling to bring you in contact with new strains of good bacteria.

This is essential for EVERY single system in your body to work properly; it strengthens immunity, reduces chronic inflammation, balances hormones, cleanses blood, improves heart health, boosts mental health, heals digestive diseases, allows effective daily detoxification of your organs and blood, and prevents premature aging. 

Stress Less

The stress response involves the release of hormones designed to prepare the body to face a perceived threat, commonly known as the "fight or flight" response. Chronic or prolonged stress can disrupt this delicate hormonal balance, contributing to increased fat storage. Here's how stress can lead to hormonal imbalances and promote fat accumulation:

  1. Cortisol Release: Stress triggers the release of cortisol, often referred to as the "stress hormone." While cortisol is essential for short-term responses to stress, chronic stress can result in persistently elevated cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol can promote the storage of fat, especially around the abdominal area. Additionally, cortisol may stimulate the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy, potentially leading to a decrease in lean muscle mass.

  2. Insulin Resistance: Chronic stress can contribute to insulin resistance, a condition where cells become less responsive to the effects of insulin. Insulin resistance leads to an impaired ability to regulate blood sugar levels, potentially causing an increase in insulin production. Elevated insulin levels can promote fat storage, especially around abdominal tissues.

  3. Leptin and Ghrelin Imbalance: Stress can disrupt the balance of appetite-regulating hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin. Leptin, produced by fat cells, signals satiety, while ghrelin stimulates hunger. Chronic stress may lead to an increase in ghrelin levels and a decrease in leptin sensitivity, promoting overeating and potentially contributing to weight gain.

  4. Cravings for High-Calorie Foods: Stress can trigger cravings for high-calorie, sugary, or fatty foods. Emotional eating during stressful periods may lead to excessive calorie intake and, consequently, weight gain.

  5. Sex Hormone Imbalance: Chronic stress can affect reproductive hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. In some cases, stress-related disruptions in sex hormone balance may contribute to changes in fat distribution and storage.

  6. Central Adiposity: Elevated cortisol levels associated with chronic stress are linked to an increased deposition of fat in the abdominal region, leading to central adiposity. Abdominal fat, especially visceral fat surrounding organs, is metabolically active and associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases.

  7. Impaired Sleep: Stress can disrupt sleep patterns, and insufficient sleep is associated with alterations in hormones that regulate appetite, including increases in ghrelin and reductions in leptin. Poor sleep quality can contribute to weight gain and fat accumulation.

Quick, easy stress busters.

1. Daily movement: does NOT need to be prolonged, high intensity cardio. Some healthier alternatives are; high intensity interval training, walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, MMA, team sports, the options are endless. 

2. Resistance training at least 3 times a week.

3. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga, maitake, lions mane, found in our certified organic, 100% natural CALM Elixir adaptogen mushroom blend.

4. A minimum of 10 minute meditation, morning or night, or both. 

5. Minimum 7 hours sleep per night.

5. Get social! Catch up with a friend, join in on local community events, social people engaged in the community live up to 10 years longer and have a significantly  decreased risk of mental and physical disease.

6. Get creative. Play music, sing, dance, draw, paint, colour, read, write. Anything mindful to activate the creative part of your brain, to soothe your CNS.

We hate to be burst these 'miracle fix' bubbles, but they simply are unnatural, and DON'T work long term. Not only that, the growing evidence shows time again, that counting calories, eating processed foods, nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress and inflammation, meal replacement shakes, weight loss drugs and a lack of healthy muscle mass, ALL play a HUGE part in keeping society sick, sad and overweight.


Money-back guarantee - Finally, a company that puts their money where their mouth it.

Our experience over the years of trialling supplements and weight loss programmes, that do nothing but chew through your money and blur the lines between honesty, integrity and health claims, has been one of the biggest motivators for company transparency.

These are the most effective transformative programmes on the market, we believe and know this from years of seeing women transform, from within. The promise is in the name — be transformed! We’re completely confident that you’ll become obsessed with our packages, and fall in love with your healthier body and lifestyle that you'll never look back, instead paying it forward so your loved ones can feel the same. Tell us how many other beauty companies can offer the same?

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✔️Recommended by Australia's leading health and wellness magazines, Women's Health, Wellbeing, Prevention, Womans Day, Luxe Nomade, HIT FM and nominated for various Australian Natural Beauty Awards.

Loved by naturopaths, nutritionists, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, hairdressers, chiropractors, physiotherapists and leading health retreats, such as Gaia Retreat, the a cult favourite of corporates and celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Olivia newton-John, Hugh Jackman and Lara Worthington (Bingle), to name a few.


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