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*The simplified, NO B.S edition!
The challenges of modern life have never been harder. We live in a time referred to as VUCA times, an acronym for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous moment of contemporary cultural life.
We are faced with social disconnection, unrest, emotional stress and worry about everything from our kids, to our finances to the state of our health.
We are dealing with an assault on every one of our systems, from all areas of our lifestyles, food, pharma, pollution, relationships, and the digital age which has over-activated and over-stimulated our brains, to the point where we are experiencing chronic cognitive overload.
This full body dissonance is one reason why our kids mental and developmental health, are suffering more than ever, and the spike in sleep disturbances and depression, anxiety and ADHD, are out of control!
And not only our kids, but parents too. This dissonance doesn't only affect us, but also those around us who are counting on us on a daily basis.
Full body imbalance can literally ruin lives, it's waking up tired, feeling exhausted, irritable, foggy, slow, disconnected - during a time when we need to be present and engaged, and a role model our kidws can look up to and learn from.
When our bodies and minds are out of whack, it has the power to destroy relationships, families careers, dreams.
Not feeling in control over our own brain and mood, can be the most challenging thing anyone can experience, so imagine how it must feel for our children who aren't fully developed or mature enough to understand the ramifications of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
And when our bodies aren’t balanced, it means that our stress hormones are keeping us up at night — which triggers moodiness, fatigue, poor memory and confusion from the first hours of the morning.
So kids and parents are forced to power through our daily tasks and chores. But that only drains our energy even more and by the end of the day, and usually it leaves us parents too tired to spend quality time with our loved ones.
But it doesn't have to be like that . . .
After 15+ years of nutritional biochemical research, and years consulting with the worlds leading researchers and health professionals, Edible Earth was born, to educate and provide families with simple tools that can prevent these modern day diseases that are directly impacting the mental health, and healthy development of our children.
Their award winning holistic supplements have been formulated to be used in conjunction with one another. Providing essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain from the wester diet.
Backed by science, and 100% pure and natural, they work at a cellular level, synergistically, to target every one of the bodies systems, from head to toe.
They contain revolutionary, bio-active peptides, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, + adaptogens.
Clinically proven to support healthy child development, naturally lower stress hormones, nourishes the central nervous system, improve sleep, and increase soothing hormones, for a healthy boost in energy, focus, clarity and mood, from the first hours of the morning and well into the evening - and we all know there is no drug or supplement that provides our kids as many health benefits as sleep.

Let's discuss some other ways to support our children's growing bodies!

Look after your gut
A healthy gut is vital for immune health, particularly when it comes to ensuring we have the right balance of good vs. bad bacteria to ward off any illnesses and bugs that might come your way this winter! Support your gut microbiome with a good daily probiotic and look to boost your meals with homemade kimchi or sauerkraut. Making your own fermented foods is a fun way to teach the kids about inner health and makes for a great rainy-day activity this winter! Kombucha, yoghurt, kefir and miso are also great gut loving foods that your body will thank you for.

Our Glow GUT Elixir is the perfect addition to your winter wellness regime, as it is formulated with healing, repair and nourishment in mind. Containing the body’s most essential amino acid, L-Glutamine, GUT repairs and regenerates the gut lining and microbiome, helping to create a healthy and flourishing internal system that is ready for anything.

Clinically proven to repair a compromised digestive system, by stimulating the bodies collagen synthesis, as it contains 95% pure hydrolysed 3kD sea collagen peptides, rich in Type 1 collagen, of which 85% of your gut is made from.

Heal your GUT here.


Supplement up
Sometimes our internal systems need a little boost with supplements because our western diets are so deficient in essential nutrients, essential for preventing and treating illness and sickness. We’re huge advocates for food as medicine, but recommend adding a good all-in-one multivitamin like DETOX Life Elixir. This is our go-to as a cheap and effective health insurance for the whole family. It literally provides the body with all the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally, everyday:

1. vitamins

2. minerals

3. digestive enzymes

4. antioxidants

5. probiotics

6. essential fatty acids

7. amino acids (more protein than red meat)

8. vitamin B12 (the only plant source on Earth)

DETOX Life Elixir is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods on earth and has been officially recognised in Germany for its potent medicinal properties. Just a spoonful added to your breakfast every day is one of the most effective ways for kids to thrive from the inside out. AND it tastes great in smoothies and yoghurt! They'll never know it's good for them.

Boasting strong antimicrobial properties, research has shown that DETOX is highly effective at warding off infections and disease. Highly anti-inflammatory, it aids in wound healing and can also help to lower the risk of several cancers as well as reducing the severity and onset of allergies and killing harmful bacteria in the body. Shop DETOX and reenergise here.

If sleep and concentration are your problem, CALM Elixir is a non-negotiable.

Medicinal mushrooms, found in our Calm Mushroom Elixir, are clinically proven adaptogens, that adapt to the bodies unique needs, on auto-pilot! The epitome of biohacking personalised health. Containing the 4 following mushrooms to target everyone of your bodies systems, providing the most potent affect on central nervous system health.


  • The 'Mushroom of Immortality'
  • Increases blood flow to the brain for improved cognition and concentration
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure to protect from CVD
  • Strengthens the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increases energy levels to prevent and alleviate chronic fatigue.
  • Contains compound canthaxanthin to slow tumour growth
  • Prevents premature aging, by fighting free radicals
  • High levels of zinc, glutathione, ergothioneine and polysaccharides to strengthen and hydrate skin barrier
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles


  • The 'Beauty Mushroom' boasts one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the planet
  • Reduces oxidative stress and repairs cell damage.
  • May help fight various cancers by preventing blood flow to tumours.
  • Highest natural source of melanin on the planet.
  • Helps to induce destress and improve sleep.
  • Improves stress induced skin conditions, such as psoriasis.


  • The 'Immunity Hero' stimulates the immune system to produce natural killer cells, macrophage, t-cells and interleukin-1.
  • Prevent and fight various viruses such as cold and flu.
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, assists relief from candida, acne and helicobacter pylori (if untreated, leads to gastritis).
  • Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic.


  • The 'Smart Mushroom' boosts brain power, memory, clarity and focus.
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier to stimulate NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) which reduces brain inflammation associated with autism, depression and Alzheimer's.
  • Stimulates neural development and repairs damaged neurons.
  • Increases production of mood and memory enhancing 5-HTP.

While you’re there, stock up on our best-selling CALM Defence Elixir medicinal mushrooms. Essential for supercharging immunity all year long, medicinal mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.

Well known for supporting stress management, cognitive health, immunity and energy, our 100% certified organic, wild-crafted, nutrient rich mushrooms retain vital bioenergetic vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, adaptogens and phytonutrients. Stir into your daily coffee, smoothie or hot choccie before bed to keep your tribe fighting fit and falling asleep faster, and hopefully in their own beds too. Shop CALM and improve sleep here.  

Get hot and cold
Have you heard of intermittent living? The concept of exposing the system to both hot and cold environments is gaining great momentum, with scientists and health experts citing mental, physical and emotional results. Whether it's jumping in the cold ocean after playing footy with the kids, or sitting in an infrared sauna and ice bath, we’re huge fans of these solutions to the effects of modern life.

Cold/hot therapy is clinically proven to boost happy endorphins like dopamine, serotonin naturally, improve mental clarity and concentration, boost mood, reduce inflammation in the body, slowing down aging, burn excess fat and toxins and increasing the body’s production of white bloody cells – essential for your immune system!


Broth daily
You don't need to purchase expensive Bovine and all the various types of collagen supplements, because your body absorbs more of the good stuff when you're getting these nutrients from an organic bone broth.

Get on board the broth train for the ultimate inner body and wellness boost! Just one cup of organic bone broth each day is all you need to help ward off bugs, build good gut health, strengthen inner and outer systems. Bone broth helps to nourish gut bacteria and boost the immune system. Sip on its own or use as a base for nourishing winter soups, we love this 1-pot Chicken Soup with Beans and Kale from Minimalist Baker.


Movement is medicine 
Getting our kids moving everyday, and off the screens, has been linked to everything from better grades, a huge reduction in the chance of developing mental illness, and chronic disease down the line. It keeps weight in check, and actually helps the brain to grow, stimulating neurons and pumping out happy hormones, for healthy brain development, and happy, positive moods. And this can definitely help to minimise tantrums!

Keeping our bodies active and moving as much as possible also boosts immunity, keeps bones and muscles functioning at their best, flushes toxins out of the system which in turn keeps illness out of the body, and improves neurologoical conditions such as ADHD and autism. Find something the kids love, partner up with their buddies and commit them to moving everyday. Take the dog for a run, swim at the beach, hike in the bush, in this beautiful country the options are endless - and FREE.


A diet rich in whole, plant-based foods will serve just about anyone a whole raft of health benefits, this is an absolute essential place to start. Nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to a healthy reproductive system, and for growing little bodies.

We suggest a dietary approach that is rich in organic fruits and vegetables, whole minimally processed grains, high in fibre, fermented foods, plenty of water and grass-fed organic meat, if you are a carnivore!

We aren't abut diet fads or counting calories, just organic, natural nutrient dense foods that have a positive impact on the bodies cells. Studies have found a direct link between gluten and refined sugar and their impact on neural and behavioural development in kids, and adults.

These pro-inflammatory foods affect the way the neurotransmitters communicate with one another, and even slow this down, which affects concentration, memory and comprehension. They are also directly linked to poor digestive health, immunity, and mental illness, known to exacerbate symptoms of autism, ADHD and depression/anxiety. 

To ensure your little ones are also receiving enough protein, Youth Elixir acts as a pure and natural protein supplement, which provides them with 10 - 20g of pure collagen protein peptides each day. The perfect odourless and tasteless addition to your daily drinks and meals, the kids growing muscles, skeletal system and bodies, will be supported and nourished.

Safe for any age and stage of life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, unique marine collagen peptides provide Type 1 collagen (the one you can't obtain from the western diet) but the most important type, give that 90% of your bodies collagen is Type 1.

Personalised family health

Check the state of your health and discover which Edible Earth elixirs are most suitable for your individual family health needs with our 3-minute quiz, plus receive 20% off your recommended healthy all-in-one family friendly elixirs! Start your journey here. 

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