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Meet our founder: Sarah

Edible Earth Perth Beauty Collagen

Life as we know it is full of challenges. Adversity is all part and parcel of being human and although trying for the human spirit, there is something beautiful about rising up out of the ashes and forging a new path.

That is just what Edible Earth’s founder, Sarah Luisa, did and built not only a business but a legacy of love. We sat down with Sarah to find out about her business, her passions and dreams and the daily wellness ritual she can’t live without.  

What inspired you to create Edible Earth?
I grew up in a family riddled with obesity, cancer and heart disease, and watching so much suffering around me I knew that there had to be a better way to treat these illnesses. While I was travelling the UK in my early 20's I was introduced to the power of natural medicine to successfully treat and cure the cause of 95% of serious illnesses, because they are mostly caused by lifestyle choices. This is great news, as most are completely preventable by making simple changes to your daily routine. 

One of 18,000+ women who love the Edible Earth range.

From that moment my true passion and calling was ignited, and I knew I had to spread the message to the masses and make people aware of the natural alternatives available to them. I wanted to study naturopathy or nutritional medicine and begin the journey into the world of natural health and how it works on a biochemical level. 

This passion, and 15 years in nutritional medicine, turned into an all-encompassing obsession following the heartbreaking terminal brain cancer diagnoses of my fiancé at the time, and father to our two young children, Lee. I pledged to take my small organic supplement business seriously and diversify by introducing new and unique formulas, using ingredients that had never been used before, in order to make a real difference to the lives of others so they wouldn’t have to suffer what my family, and many others have.

From right to left: Sarah, Lee, Dr Charlie Teo and medical team, after Lee's 2nd of 4 brain tumour resections.

I wanted it to be a system that is easy, accessible and affordable for as many as possible, and i wanted to connect with women, as i truly believe that our evolutionary need to nurture and guide one another, and our families is where unhealthy generational cycles can be broken, and in their place, the adoption of holistic healthy living, based on current, compelling science and thousands of years of ancient wisdom and medicines.

Lee’s plight really was the catalyst for me to investigate deeper into the healing powers nature ant their affect on the human body, mind and spirit and how we can bio-hack the root causes of disease and aging, without relying on toxic, expensive pharmaceuticals and synthetic supplements, that much of the time, cause more harm, than good.

Lee, Indi and Olli just after his brain cancer diagnoses, Margaret River.

"The day we sat in the neurosurgeons office in Perth, after his traumatic grand mal seizure whilst he was driving, that almost killed all of us in the middle of Leach Hwy, Lee was given 1 year to live, even now 4 years on, i still don't think i will ever truly process what happened to him, and ultimately, all of our lives.

As anyone who has been face with their own mortality, or anyone who has lost a loved one, especially one well beyond the natural order of the life cycle goes, will know that it changes you at your very core, and your entire perspective and outlook on life is forever altered.

For me, looking back feels like a surreal nightmare, nothing like the glorified Hollywood stories of cancer success stories. But what did come out of seeing Lee suffer and ultimately have his life stolen too soon, was knowledge that one can only gain by researching to a level where your life truly depends on it, that means spending the hundreds and thousands of life insurance money that was paid ot to Lee, on scouring the globe to find a cure, and learn as much as humanly possible about how and why this happened, and to ensure it doesn't happen to my children, or anyone else.

I truly believe the natural alternatives that Lee adopted, i mean he lived and breathed holistic health every day, is what gave him an extra 3 years of life with us, instead of just 1. And for this type of cancer, that is a miracle in itself.

Lee lost his battle at age 36, after 6 weeks in Palliative care at Bethesda hospital, where we lived with him so that he could spend his final weeks surrounded by his nearest and dearest and as much love as possible.

Since then, i would need a novel to explain the impact this had on my children and myself, and Lee's 4 brothers and father, who had already lost their mother to the same insidious disease 6 years prior to Lee and I meeting. But ultimately, when life forces you down a path you didnt plan, you have to dig deep and try to find some meaning or purpose and acceptance and gratitude for what you had, and what you continue to have, even if it is as simple as being so appreciative for the roof over our heads, or his smile on our children's faces, as they're the embodiment and a reminder, of all he was.

Award winning, world first, multifunctional 3kD super sea collagen peptides.

Nothing drives you to help other people like an experience like this does, when you see a broken system, and small things in it that can easily be changed to have a profound, life changing impact, on every level, socially, economically, environmentally, then that is worth fighting the status quo for.

Edible Earth is the incarnation of this dream, for a world that is free from man made disease, which is where greed, and global warming are born. Edible Earth is trying to achieve this the only way we know how, by educating and empowering women and families about the healing powers of mother nature, and our miraculous bodies ability to heal itself, given it's the greatest natural pharmacy on Earth.

Above all, we want to inspire everyone to do be conscious consumers, to know what is going into their bodies, and their loved ones, to know where it's coming from, and to take back control over the way they decide to prevent or treat their own families health. We wanted to continue to provide the tools and research to empower people to make better informed decisions, and to pay this knowledge forward and set a new standard of health care in the world."

Sarah with her two children, Indi and Olli.

What is your professional training background?
I studied nutritional medicine for 2 years in Australia and left in my 3rd year to open a natural health clinic in Melbourne in my mid-twenties. All of these personal and professional experiences, my entire colourful life full of the highest highs, and the lowest lows, like the rest of you, has only further cemented my belief that a holistic approach is the only way to live a truly happy and healthy life. Without health we have nothing at all.

What are some of the biggest challenges running a business and being a mum?
Finding that elusive work/life balance is probably the biggest challenge for me, and battle with the constant worry about not being enough for my children, and perpetually ruining them for life (i think all mums get this at some stage)! 

There is certainly a sense of guilt that comes with being a working mother, not to mention a mother who is running her own business, but as only a mother will know, we do that absolute best we can, alot of the time sacrificing our own needs for those of our families, but that is what makes us so special.

My children are busy, active young little legends, they push me to the limit, but are 100% my why for getting out of bed each day. I cherish every second I get to spend with them because i know just how precious time is.

They’ll only be young once and we are slowly getting the balance right. Gratitude is a powerful tool when I start getting overwhelmed, or comparing someone else's chapter 20, to my chapter 3! All that matters to me now is that my children are healthy, kind, compassionate humans, because i truly believe more love, kindness and compassion is what this world, and its inhabitants, need.

What are some of your regular or daily rituals that help keep you balanced? GLOW & CALM coffee every morning and night, yoga, infra-red saunas, ice baths, a nightly guided meditation, i follow the diet, which isn't a diet, in the FREE Edible Earth skin and gut healing guide, and above all vitamin sea.

I suffered adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, grief and depression after Lee passed away, from years of living in fight or flight, my hormones were so frazzled and all over the shop, and i felt i had aged 100 years, so I needed to listen to my body and treat it kindly by reverting to what I've learnt, what is authentic to me - holistic health.

As soon as i deviate from a healthy lifestyle, and self care routine, which we all do at times, it's easy to revert back to that space of anxiety and grief. I also spend a lot of time in nature with my kids, friends and family, it is the best medicine for all ages and stages of life, and i highly recommend it for anyone who is feeling disconnected or are overwhelmed by their own life challenges. It's important to remember progress is never linear.

Heading down south to Margaret River, or one of the amazing places we have here in WA is such a glorious escape from the rat race too - there is nothing like a couple of days out of the city to reset the system! 

Sarah's experienced her own weight loss and wellness journey.


Have you had your own experience with disease?
YES! So many! The development of our 12 week skin, gut and hormone transformations, were based upon the tools and research gathered when i underwent my own full body and mind transformation.

When Lee was sick for 3 years, previous unaddressed health issues i had were exacerbated. Stress can do crazy things to the body, and it completely wrecked mine. I developed gastritis, and had an inexplicable rupture of a fallopian tube which resulted in emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding, I was having panic attacks, and would fall into some pretty dark places. I couldn't sleep and was just focused on keeping Lee alive, whilst trying to manage a business, and raise two small kids.

When I couldn't get out of bed from extreme fatigue and grief, i decided i had t start practising what i preach. So i began what we now call the 12 week transformation, and within 12 months I lost 20kgs of excess fat and toxins, stopped drinking alcohol (which i drink occasionally now), healed gastritis, and came off depression and anxiety medication. I honestly look and feel younger now at 40 than i did in my late 20's and 30's. Anyone can do this, once we bring the body back to balance, anything is possible! And the only way to rebalance the body, is by taking a holistic approach.

What are three beauty items always in your cabinet?
Sunscreen, a hydrating vitamin A and C serum and 03 GLOW Elixir Marine Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid as it doubles as a firming, soothing face mask!

City, country, mountains or beach?
Living in Western Australia, I have grown up near beautiful beaches so will always choose the ocean! There's nothing else i feel as strongly connected to, or clears my mind as fast.

What was your first job?
A deli assistant at the local supermarket when I was 13

What is your go-to drink of choice?
Green vegetable juice or a nice pinot noir

This is where it all began in 2016, just before Lee's cancer diagnoses. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know the lady behind the brand, Edible Earth.

our greatest pride is being a company that provides science-backed formulas, designed BY women, FOR women - Because we have been where you are, and know the challenges a woman faces through all stages of life. Regardless of race or socio-economic background - we are you and you are us - and we cant wait to get to know YOU! ♥️ 

Please reach out to us with any questions or if you're confused about how to begin.