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Secrets of Silica

Secrets of Silica

Did you know this powerhouse mineral plays a crucial role in skin elasticity, hair strength, mental health, joint flexibility, and cellular hydration?

Incorporating silica-rich foods and natural supplements can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Today we talk all things silica, the miracle mineral that supercharges the pioneering, award winning, million dollar GLOW Anti-aging 3kD Sea Collagen Peptide Elixir. So let’s dive in and explore Ssilica’s long list of peer reviewed health benefits:

1. Skin Health:

Enhanced Elasticity: Silica promotes collagen production, improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Improved Wound Healing: It aids in wound healing by supporting the formation of connective tissue.

Protection Against UV Damage: Silica helps protect the skin from UV radiation, reducing sun damage and premature aging.

2. Gut Health:

Digestive Health: Silica can support digestive health by promoting the integrity of the gut lining.

Detoxification: It may help bind to toxins and heavy metals, aiding in their elimination from the body.

3. Hair Health:

Stronger Hair: Silica strengthens hair follicles, reducing breakage and promoting healthier, stronger hair.

Increased Shine: It enhances hair's natural shine and luster, contributing to overall hair health.

4. Nail Health:

Harder Nails: Silica strengthens nail beds, leading to harder and less brittle nails.

Faster Growth: It may promote faster nail growth, aiding in maintaining healthy nails.

5. Cellular Hydration:

Water Balance: Silica helps maintain proper cellular hydration levels, supporting overall cellular function and hydration.

Electrolyte Balance: It assists in maintaining electrolyte balance within cells, crucial for various bodily functions.

6. Mental Health

Brain Development: Silica is involved in the development and maintenance of the central nervous system, including the brain.

Neurotransmitter Function: It plays a role in neurotransmitter function, aiding in the transmission of signals between neurons.

Nerve Health: Silica supports nerve health and helps maintain the myelin sheath, which insulates and protects nerve cells.

Cognitive Function: Adequate silica levels are linked to improved cognitive function, memory, and mental clarity.

Mood Regulation: Silica is thought to play a role in mood regulation, contributing to emotional balance and stability.

There are two Edible Earth elixirs containing this powerhouse mineral, they are GLOW Anti-aging and DETOX Probiotic All-in-one Multi, and will supercharge full body, mind and skin wellness, and healthy aging.

In line with the Edible Earth philosophy of healing holistically, one ingredient never solves all so you’ll never find miracle claims and potions here. Your body is a complex intricate web of intelligent systems, made up by molecules, that all work constantly and synergistically, and they desperately need the right combinations of natural therapies and techniques, to be able to function efficiently and optimally, so you can stay happy, healthy and eternally radiant. ✨ 💫 

Edible Earth was born out of trying to find a cure for brain cancer, when the founder lost her fiancé Lee, the father of their two children, Indi and Olli, in 2019, aged 36, after a 3 year battle with the insidious terminal disease. 

Lee, Founder Sarah, Dr Charlie Teo & Team before Lee’s second major brain tumour resection.

Edible Earths therapeutic, bio-active elixirs exist to fulfil a legacy of love, through educating and empowering society with the right information to prevent disease, and ultimately prevent others from having to deal with the trauma and loss that chronic diseases bring.

“We want to eradicate ALL man made western diseases, holistically, because nature ALWAYS knows best. We believe to our core that this world is sick, because we created a society that has monetised and encouraged disease, therefore we must heal ourselves as individuals, to heal the world as a collective.”

Lee recovering after his first of 4 major brain surgeries, with his son Olli, October 2016.

Edible Earth prides itself on being accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background, age, or stage of life. After spending over $350,000 trying to save Lee’s life and realising the true cost of disease on finances, relationships, plans, dreams, they wanted to help shift the mindset society holds around investing in preventative healthcare, because “taking care of your health now, will save you in the long run, and that peace of mind and good health is priceless.”

Team Earth know that dealing with disease can be all consuming and confronting, and embarking on a new health journey can be overwhelming and confusing, thanks to all the conflicting advice on the internet. Our offering is evidence based, third party tested, award winning, eco-friendly and curated expertly by nutritionists, naturopaths and microbiologists.

Avoid the headache and reach out to us for clarity and guidance around what nutritional formulas or programmes would be best for your individual needs. You can either take our 3 minute wellness quiz, or slide into our instagram DM’s, or even flick us an email:

Our guarantee and quality promise is if you don’t see or feel any positive improvements within 12 weeks, you’ll receive a full refund. That’s how much we believe in our revolutionary formulas.

Founder Sarah with her children Indi & Olli.

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